R290 DC Inverter Heat Pump

Heating/Cooling/Domestic Hot Water/R290
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A+++ Energy Label

TONGYI has always adhered to the goal of energy saving. The highest energy

efficiency level of TONGYI heat pump can reach the EU Energy Efficiency A+++ Level,

which ensures that users can get a better experience at a lower cost.

IoT Technology

With loT technology, we can check the heat pump status remotely. When a failure

occurs, it is possible to check and control remotely the unit’s information,

providing with immediate support to our customers.

With OTA ( update over air) technology, If there is any error happening on the

software, we can provide a remote service by updating the software online. When

the software has a new version that upgrades its functions, as long as you grant us

with access, we can update the software remotely.


TONGYI Heat Pump offers the best solution for home heating and hot water supply with TY’s inverter technolo-

gy. It is 4 times more energy efficient than boiler system by absorbing energy from the outdoor environment.

Twin rotary Inverter

Twin rotary DC inverter compressor uses 30% less power than traditional scroll compressors whilst also giving a wider operating frequency range, enabling precise

control and reducing running noise levels

Twin rotary Inverter

BLDC  motor fan, effectively reduce the wind noise
The rotor is made of permanent magnets and the stator of high density pure copper coils are concentrated and wound together to keep low noise and efficient operation.
Stepless adjustment can be carried out according to the changes of system operation. The system operates efficiently under different loads, with the system efficiency up to 85%.

BLDC  motor fan

High Efficiency Pump

High efficiency provide an 85% ~ 90% reduction of electrical consumption. Depending on what you pay per kilowatt hour, that electrical savings may translate into $13 ~ $15 per month during the heating season.

Touch Screen Controller

Quality Control

Quality is taken into account since product design through the whole product life-cycle.With professional design procedure, simulation and over 30 type test, from incoming parts inspection to out-going heat pump inspection during production. 

Quality Control


With Research center, product design department and product engineering team, we have technical talents with over 20+ years in heat pump, the development is managed by PLM(Production Lifecycle Management system) with design procedure. 


lIntegrated Supply Chain

As a leader and one of the largest professional heat pump manufactures in China,TONGYI heat pump have  an integrated supply chain system, for example , the sheet metal parts , heat exchangers including evaporators and condensers are all made in house or by our partners that we have a stake. It helps us better control the quality,optimize the performance easily and ensure on-time delivery. A lot of quality supplies have established strategic cooperative partnership with TONGYI and give us priority when purchasing most of the key material & parts. 



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