After the "double reduction", how should the swimming training market face new development opportunities?

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Author : Silence
Update time : 2021-09-10 18:20:02
The "double reduction" policy has been implemented for more than a month, and a large number of discipline trainings have been cancelled in many places, and sports training should become a "fresh and delicious". Especially the whole body exercise-swimming, has become a "bursting" event that people are rushing to report. The swimming training industry welcomes good news and the market space is broad. However, at such a moment, can swimming training institutions and swimming pools seize the opportunity to increase their economic returns? #double reduction##SPG#

With the implementation of the "double reduction" policy, children will have more time to participate in exercise, and more sports training institutions and sports venues will appear in the market. The market opportunities are great, and the competitiveness will increase. All of this will force sports training institutions and sports venues with a relatively extensive development model to work hard on service content and supporting facilities.

Take the swimming pool environment alone, is the pool water dry? Is there any peculiar smell? Is the temperature suitable? These are all factors that parents will inevitably consider when registering for a swimming event for their children. Therefore, air-energy swimming pool thermostats have appeared on the market, and their safety, environmental protection, and constant temperature stability are favored by many swimming pool operators. For example, the Shenzhen Universiade Center Swimming Pool uses a constant temperature heat pump dedicated to Tongyi Air Energy Pool to create a four-season constant temperature swimming pool in the most energy-efficient way, bringing swimmers a healthy and comfortable swimming experience. Not only that, the special constant temperature heat pump for Tongyi Air Energy swimming pool has the function of "triple disinfection and filtration protection", which effectively guarantees the cleanness of swimming pool water and reduces the burden on swimming pool staff. For swimming pool operators, the equipment not only satisfies the stability and constant temperature of the pool water, is hygienic and clean, but also reduces the input cost and management fee to a certain extent. The constant temperature heat pump dedicated to Tongyi Air Pool operates efficiently, energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Compared with hot water equipment using other energy sources, it saves 65% to 80% of operating costs, enabling pool operators to reap more return on investment.

Under the influence of the "double reduction" policy, at the same time, the increase in the weight of sports performance in the senior high school entrance examination and the policy of including sports in the college entrance examination are expected to stimulate the development of the sports training market and sports venues. Parents are paying more and more attention to the training of children's sports. Swimming is one of the most popular sports. The swimming training market and swimming pools will usher in good development opportunities. With the increasing demand of people, swimming training institutions and swimming pools with standardized operations, complete facilities, and high-quality swimming pools can stand out from competitors with extensive models and seize market opportunities! # Swimming## Swimming Hall#